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Nationally Speaking Inc. is proud to announce the following
Top Quality Speakers who will be featured at the
September 13, 2016 Speakers Showcase!

Janel Anderson Rob Bell Ross Bernstein Matt Booth
Janel Anderson
Communication and leadership expert who engages and inspires audiences to take difficult situations head on, at work Ė and at home!
Rob Bell
Robís insight into Remarkable Service rings true to all. He truly is the Bell you should "ring for service."
Ross Bernstein
“The Champion’s Code: Building Relationships Through Life Lessons of Integrity and Accountability from the Sports World to the Business World”
Matt Booth
The attitude expert is an engaging speaker! He demonstrates and delivers a common sense approach to living a positive life.
Amy Dee Devin Henderson Holly Hoffman Jill Johnson
Amy Dee
Remember Your Power! Attitude, Accountability and Kindness, attendees leave laughing and ready to make positive changes at home and work.
Devin Henderson
Devin combines humor and illusion for an experience that pumps people to create a culture of breakthrough and laughter.
Holly Hoffman
From Season 21 of the CBS hit series “Survivor” – Holly will motivate you to live each day with self-confidence, determination, and a desire to succeed.
Jill Johnson
This hall-of-fame management consultant provides you with insights to think more strategically and make better decisions to achieve significant results.
Jim Johnson Jeff Kortes Gaye Lindfors Mark Lindquist
Jim Johnson
Believing in an autistic student, Coach delivers the uplifting story about a basketball game and the power of a dream.
Jeff Kortes
Former Human Resources executive turned “headhunter,” Jeff uses real-life stories and humor to show you how to recruit and retain top talent.
Gaye Lindfors
Stories, humor, and life lessons. Gaye reminds women that laugh lines and messy places are proof we are truly living!
Mark Lindquist
This world touring entertainer who has performed for 1,000,000 people throughout 22 countries will ignite the passion inside your people.
Mark Mayfield Larry McKenzie Mike McKinley Al Newman
Mark Mayfield
This former lobbyist and comedian has a simple philosophy…say it with humor and people will take the message home. A hilarious take on a serious message.
Larry McKenzie
Coach, author, educator - a Catalyst For Change. A longtime community and youth advocate with 20+ years of experience of being "A Difference Maker".
Mike McKinley
Through real live humorous experiences, Mike customizes business presentations to motivate organizations to step to the next level. Fun AND Effective!
Al Newman
Al Newman, 2X World Series Champion talks about teamwork, leadership and what it takes to create a Championship Team.
Kat Perkins Amy Tolbert Chris Williams  
Kat Perkins
From record deals to finals on NBC's THE VOICE, she lives a FEARLESS life and inspires audiences coast to coast!
Amy Tolbert
High energy, bold approach, inquiring mind. Amy’s programs raise awareness, build teams, change behavior and improve results. Ignite your organization!
Chris Williams
Dynamic, authentic and energetic delivery! I will help you build a healthy workplace culture where everyone can breathe easy!